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Either a lot of you didn't see this the first time I posted it, or you don't care.
I made a new LJ account.
I'm going to start fresh.
I miss talking to all of you.

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[ mood | awake ]

Alright, I made a new LJ account guys.
I'm going to start fresh and update daily again.
I miss talking to all of you.

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[ mood | pissed off ]

You know what really pisses me off?! When people reply anonymously to my pubic posts from months ago with shit like this:

"Oh child no. You need to remove that Dir en grey banner from your userinfo; the one that says "I was in the fandom before you knew it existed" because I sincerely doubt you were listening to that band when you were 9-years-old. That's 6 years, dear, which is when I started listening to them. You have no business and no right to have that banner anywhere near your LiveJournal.

It's ignorant little mind-fuck wannabe fangirls like you that make me truly ashamed sometimes of half the fandoms I'm involved in. Just go back to your little AFI/MSI/Panic! at the Disco/TOOL emo-freak fandom that you belong in and stay away from JRock.

Stupid people like that really piss me off. I mean they have no right to fucking tell me how long I've been listening to a band. And they even read the flipping banner wrong, what a dumb-ass. For they're information I have been listening to Dir en grey since I was 10 years old. And it's a good thing to have an open mind to music. You don't need to stick to one category.

If you agree with me, comment.

I'm going to post this publicly to show everyone that these comments are sooooo fucking stupid and that people need to get over themselves.

I will have to say though, these normally wouldn't aggravate me. But I've been really sick the past week and this just pushed the wrong button on me.

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1st- I took a test
2nd- Notes, ewww.
3rd- More notes....
4th- Notes, what is wrong with my teachers?!?!
5th- I did well on my drawing today.

Lunch- Tony got a hug from Bobby! Hold crap! That is amazing, and I was very jealous.

6th- I took notes from me and Joe today because he got pulled out of class. I'm such a nerd.
7th- My new favorite quote from the movie we were watching was, "Why are all of you college boys wearing those faggotity white boy shoes?"

Well I've got to go!
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[ mood | anxious ]

1st- We worked on crap that was not fun.
2nd- I had to take notes...again....
3rd- We did the DREW reading thing, and finished our work form yesterday.
4th- I took a test, again today. While I was reading/waiting patiently to get out of class Md. Forrest had me get up and grade my test. I missed like 7 problems out of 43 questions.
5th- We graded all the drawings that we had so far, I got A's on all of them. The rest of the period was a free one, Danielle and I talked about how everyone here in Crestview are racists.

Lunch- I gave Chase a dollar to get something to eat, he was happy to say the least. I mean he literally picked me up and spun me around. It was funny. Oh and Tony a.k.a Peaches asked Bobby if he could touch his snake bites. Bobby was totally freaked out, it was hilarious.

6th- I did the rough draft for my park and named it "This Celluloid Dream" Mrs. Bufkin says she can't wait to see what the final draft looks like. I didn't find it that intriguing.
7th- We got to watch the other groups skit today. And one of the kids in that group was freaking out because Obi was going to replace someone character because they were absent. I figured out that he is highly autistic, so that's why he was not happy with the change.

Now I'm home trying to hurry up and finish this so I can go and finish my homework before my brother's game tonight....

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[ mood | numb ]

I've been home all day. No school is not canceled or on break.

I got really sick this morning. Throwing up is defiantly not something I like to do to say the least. I slept in until 10:30. Got on my computer and read a bunch of thing because I had nothing better to do. Then around 12 I took a nap for like 30 minutes. Now I'm updating. Fun stuff, not really. Because I still feel like crap and I do think I'm going to get to stay home tomorrow. I really don't have much a of fever, so my mom will probably make me go to school tomorrow. Darn.

Well no one is online, they're all at school. So I'm really bored...

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[ mood | aggravated ]

I went shopping after church today and got 3 new pairs of jeans. Yay!

I forgot to tell all of you guys that on Friday I tried to update my iPod really quick in the morning. Well when it said "iPod Update Completed" I pulled out the UBS cored and completely forgot to put the Ipod icon in the trash before doing so. It said some data was lost. Well I didn't worry about it at first thinking "Oh I just lost a few songs. I can fix that." Well it turns out that I can now longer update my iPod at all on my computer. Even when it is clearly hooked up to my iMac it says, "iPod not connected" Grr!!! My aunt and I were trying to figure out how to fix it today while we where at my grandparents house. We found nothing that would/could help me fix my problem. So when I got home today I literally revamped my whole iTune collection. I took everything off and replaced it. And it still didn't work!

If any of you have had this problem and know how to fix it, please help me out!!!

Oh and I gave my mom my report card. She was upset with my D in Bio. But she understands that my teacher is grading us way to hard. But she was happy with all of my other grades. She said that she doesn't expect me to have less than B's in any of my classes. Wow, that is a high expectation, that I know I can meet. ^_^

Bloom As The Poisoned Flower

Oh crap I forgot to ask you all something very important! Do you like my new layout? I love it!
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Let It Die [Thursday
[ mood | numb ]

I had a very eventful day today. I did all my normal morning stuff and waited at the bus stop for about 5 minutes. In 1st we went over more stuff in the text book. Once again in 2nd we took notes, but before that we took a quiz. I think I got like 3 or 4 questions on it wrong. During 3rd we did more of those easy ass worksheets. In 4th we had to do a timed writing easy, I think I did pretty good on it. But I didn't get to put as much detail into as I had hoped to, but I'll live. Again in 5th we had to copy other peoples drawings.

Ok now for the lunch report! Jonathan asked me if I was coming to the show today, I said of course. I sat with Jordy, Alex, and Derek for a while. it was fun other than the fact that everyone was poking me nonstop. Then Melissa and Megan came over and rescued me from Jordy's death grip of a hug. He's could crush me if he wanted to. The girls and I pretty much just roamed the mult. purpose room the rest of the time. In that time I was declared the school'd new love attraction, that lovely label came from Joel and Craig.

During 6th we did more review and class work. I was done with the home work like 5 minutes before the bell rang, I was happy. In 7th we did more voice warm-ups. And I got to have everyone guess what my object was that I thought of yesterday. So it was fun. On the bus ride home Gabi and Steph were fighting over who Joey like more. It was funny because their both juniors and he's a 6th grader.

This is where it get interesting. When I got home, I could tell my mom wasn't home, I took out my key and try to open the door. Well all I could get open was the top lock. So I gave up after 5 minutes and walked around to the back door. Well that was much easier to get in through. But right as I opened it, the freak alarm system goes blaring. I threw my crap down and ran over to it and typed in the code. Within second of typing it in. The person on the speaker of it says, "Hello? This is so and so with Crime Free Alarms. Is everything okay? Please reply." So I did and said everything was fine. Then he asked what my name was, I told him. And then he asked the one question I couldn't answer, what the password was. (the word one) For the life of me I couldn't remember it. So he ended up having to call my mom to confirm that I was who I said I was and all that fun stuff.

Well my mom calls me and tells me the password and then informs me that she got into a 3 car pile up. And she was the middle car! She fine now, but she was shaken up to say the least. When she got home I had to go check out the damage, of course. And holy crap! The back end of our car is totally screwed and the front isn't much better. We can't even get the trunk to close it's that messed up. And the worst part about all of this is that I wasn't able to go to the show...it sucks! I'll probably get an ear full from Jonathan tomorrow. Well now I'm off to do boring Bio home work...

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Ladeda! [Sunday
[ mood | blank ]

I had to get up at 8 this morning because in the words of my mother, "You'll never go to sleep tonight!" So I got up, took a shower, and went on the computer. Yay! I made a VP account, in case you didn't read the last post here's the link http://vampirefreaks.com/profile.php?user=Afreakinside

I made a bunch of new friends on there, so that was cool. Around noon I made myself a Bocca burger and watched some of "Friends". After that I read some more of Velocity, you'd think I'd be done with that by now, but I've had a lot of things that I've had to do lately. Around 4 I got back online and roamed around for a while. Melly helped me change my layout on yourvoid which I was very thankful of. Because really did not like the pink and white thing they had going on.

Now I've got to go finish my homework for school. Talk to you all later...

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More Pics [Sunday
Okay I'm going to warn you now, I am wearing a pink shirt in some of this pictures. But the reason behind that is my mom didn't want me to wear any black or else she'd ground me. And because I wanted to see if I could pull off the skater/surfer look. Which I don't think is possible for me.

I'm Such A Camera WhoreCollapse )
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Bang Bang! Guns Go Bang! [Friday
[ mood | blah ]

Alright well today was fun other than the fact that I got homework in almost every class except my electives. Well today I got my stupid hand/agenda book today. I had to laugh because in the dress code it said no facial hair without a doctor's note, half the guys at our school have facial hair and don't have notes. We're supposed to get out ID badges sometime next week, god this people are slow.

I didn't really do anything in 1st (Pre AP World Geography) other than get a cd for out textbook. And I have to read the first chapter on that, yay. During 2nd (Bio Honors) we had to write an article summary, eww...those things suck. 3rd (Spanish) was cool because all we did was listen to everyones interests from their questioner thing we filled out yesterday. During 4th (Pre AP English) I had to take a test and do some context clue thing, which were both to esay for me, I do think any of the 9th grade english classes will ever staify me. And that's a shame. Then to top that all of the teacher gave us some homework, once again yay. In 5th (art) we had to re-draw pictures that we're already drawn by someone else. Fun stuff, I hate copying other peoples work. Then while we were at lunch Jamiee and Conor sat with us again, and of course we all got into werid convos again.

When lunch was over I headed back to 5th and I just happened to be walking behind T-bone a.k.a Jonathan. He didn't notice me for like 30 seconds. When he finally turned around he looked me up and down, turned around, then looked back and said, "Hi Fallon." I said hi back. I was kind of weirded me out when he checked me out because he's a good guy friend of mine, but at the same time I loved it because I've had a crush on him since last year. So that was a happy moment. After 5th was over, I went to 6th (Algebra I Honors) Jamiee poked me in the side while I was headed over there. I had to take another test in there, but it wasn't very hard. Once that was out I went to 7th (drama), Brooke and I had a good time because we sat next to each other the whole time ans filled out another stupid questionnaire thing. Once that was over I got on the bus and again yelled at the stupid 6th graders for sitting in the back because they're supposed to sit in the front.

Now I'm home trying to find a ride to Fort Walton so I can see T-Bone and his band preform tonight, but I don't think I'll find one that my mom will let me go with. Which sucks....

24Bloom As The Poisoned Flower

I Survived!!! [Thursday
[ mood | accomplished ]

I just got home from school around 2:30. Which means I survived my first day of high school. Woohoo! I got to all of my classes on time and met all my teachers. I liked all of them except my english teacher, which isn't good because english is my favorite subject. And I learned that in Bio Honors that there are only 6 9th graders in there, the rest are 10th graders. Ha ha! During art I was practically the example for everything, it was embarrassing having everyone looking at my drawings. But the teacher said they were good and there was nothing to worry about. I had B lunch that is in the middle of 5th (art), so I went to lunch thinking that I was going to know no one because Becca' and Brooke had A and C lunch. I didn't know what lunch Melissa, Nate, or Jonathan had. So I was sitting by myself for about only a minute before Jamiee comes over and says, "You look lonely so I'm going to sit with you." Jamiee is seriously the nicest guy I know, he abandoned his Junior friends for me! Well actually he brought Conor with him, who introduced himself right away. He is the coolest gay guy I know at school.

So we were all talking and then all of the sudden Melissa runs over and sits with us, so we have lunch together, yay! Then all of us got into a conversation about how if someone ever called Jonathan fat than skinny to them must by someone who is literally skin and bone. And it's true because Jonathan is a Junior petite size zero. It's crazy! After that I went to 6, not fun because it's Algebra I honors, eww...Then I went to 7th (last class), which is drama, yay! And Brooke is in there with me, woohoo!!! We had to introduce ourselves, which was fun because Brooke and I got people talking right away when we went up on our turns. And I learned that I'm one of the more experienced people in that class. Which is funny because it's all grades in there.

Oh and I forgot to tell you all my core classes are honors, so I know I'll be working like a crazy bitch all year. What sucks the most about that though is that I got homework from 2 of those classes already. And of course it's not easy homework, it's stuff that you really have to think over. Well I'm off to go finish my english paper!

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I'm Afraid... [Wednesday
[ mood | anxious ]

Well I'm going to try to make this a sort post. Today's babysitting job ended with Summer, Shane, my brothers, Tyler, and I running around my house playing tag with the hose. It was a fun way to cool off. When I got the kid's home and back into my room, I had to clean it. Around 5:30 Kirstena called and we talked for a good 30 minutes. We are both freaking out about school tomorrow. I know it sounds so freshman like, but this is a really scary experience. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Kistena informed me that Dane Cook has a new CD out and I'm going to buy it as soon as possible. After her and I hung up, not but 30 seconds later Becca' called. And saved me from being mortified tomorrow. Because I didn't knew that we had to go to homeroom first. I just thought that first period was homeroom, but I was wrong. When she was done explaining that she said that she was getting sick just thinking about tomorrow. I told her that I literally had to lay down because I thought I was going to puke if I didn't stop moving.

During dinner my mom poped a zit on Sethin's face, he was almost crying. Oh the joys of puberty! Trentin and mine's favorite quote from him during the time was, "Stop! Your shushing my head!" I was cracking up. Oh and I got my braces tightened today, so I'll be in a bunch of pain tomorrow, yay! Well that's all I've gotta' go.

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Awesomeness! [Tuesday
[ mood | amused ]

Ok I just got back from the local show at some Baptist church. (I don't understand the Baptist faith...) It was awesome! Becca' knew a few people there, me...I knew no one practically. There we're 2 R&B groups there but they we're good. Which reminds me, Becca' and I now know how to spell G-O-D is G-O-O-D! I thought that was hilarious when they wanted people to sing that with them.

There were some really stupid people sitting behind us. They literally kicked me in the back twice and Becca' got drawn on with a Sharpy. I thought she was going to fly and beat the crap out of them. But we dealt with them for a while longer. After we had to listen to some "testimonies" they finally introduce the band I had been waiting to hear. Their name is Not By Chance and they're my new favorite local band. They are going to have an album out soon, so I'll be looking for it.

While they were getting ready to play they had everyone come down from the bleachers and stand in front of the stage. Becca' and I was in the front row and really close to the speakers, I was happy with our stop because we could see everyone in the band. At one point while they were play the lead singer said, "Ok this has been a mellow song for now. But it's going to get heavy in just a second, so I want you to go crazy." So right as they all started they're awesome riffs on their guitar's this guy behind me goes crazy. He wasn't a small guy either, he was a big buff, football player guy. I hit me on the head really hard by accident. I was ok but it knocked me forward a little. Then after that happened I got Becca' to jump around with me, it was great. By she wouldn't head bang, let alone nod her head. It was funny.

When they were done I went up to their camera guy and told him I liked his shirt, it was an UnderOath one. I was going to tell the second guitarist I liked his shirt too, but I couldn't see him once he was off the stage. Now I'm at home and recovering my hearing.

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Fun Indoors [Tuesday
[ mood | contemplative ]

You all know how I was babysitting Shane ans Summer? Well I ended up watching them today too and I'll be watching them tomorrow as well. It's fun though so I have no complaints. As usual we did our morning routine and what not. But around 8:30 my brother's came up and hung out for about an hour because my mom had an appointment with the optometrist today. So while they we're there they pretty much just stuck around with Summer or watched me and Shane play Tony Hawk Underground. Which I am still learning how to play, so at the moment I suck. But the funny part is that I kick ass at the dirt biking races.

Once my mom got back the boys went home. Were we ended up going to after about 30 minutes of doing nothing but playing the Sims. When we got to my house I gave Summer a Build A Bear that I made when I was 10 and had out grown. She of course loved it, which then led to the boys stealing it from her. So I had to intervene and try to get it back. That led to me getting tackled by 3 boys, running into 3 doors, jumping on my mom's bed, and all that fun stuff.

After a while I got the boys gave up and I got the bear back. It started to pour rain after a while. Then around 4:45 Karen came by and picked the kids up. Now Becca' and I are going to go to a local show in town. I'll tell you all about it later. Bye!

Bloom As The Poisoned Flower

Help Me Out! [Monday
Alright everyone. I'm trying to make my library bigger in my iPod. But I really don't know what I should put in it. So do any of you have suggestions of any type of band that I should put in it?

I'm truly open to any type of music. I just want to get some good bands/songs to listen to. So please help me out by commenting to this. Thanks!
36Bloom As The Poisoned Flower

Becca' Tried To Tackle Me! [Monday
[ mood | frustrated ]

Today was cool. I had to be at the optometrist by 9 so we were out of the house by 8:45. When I had my eyes tested they said that I had a slight astigmatism but I really didn't need glasses because it would be a really low prescription. Which I was fine with, but because gave me those eye drops to dilated my eyes for the doctor, I was really sensitive to light. So it sucked when I would take my sunglasses off, even in building the light hurt my eyes. Well after we were done there my family and I headed over to the high school, so I could get my schedule. All of my core classes are honors, I'm not going to have an easy year...grr...

There are two things I hate about high school already. One, is that I can't buy my school supplies until after the first day of school because all the teachers have different requirements. God this people are stupid... Two, is that all my classes are all over the school and I only have 4 minutes to get from one class to another. I've already decided that I'm going to have a mental breakdown on the first day because I'll be late to all of my classes. I'm already a really paranoid person, so it's not helping any when they spread my schedule out all over like that. Becca' says that if I do have a breakdown that she'll bring me ice-cream after school. Which cheered me up a bit.

Well while we were at the school we ran into Becca' and her mom, so we dicided to try to find our classes together. That didn't really work out because the only thing we have together is Lunch. Which sucks, but we got lockers that are right next to each other. So we spit up after about 10 minutes of wondering the grounds. And my mom kept complaining about how far apart my classes were, she's analretintive too so she understands why I'm freaking out so much. After we found everything we all headed home.

Around 2 Becca' come over. And she broke out in hives and crap because she is allergic to something (we don't know what). But her skin was all red and some spots we're puffy. Being the good friend I am I itched her back and then put Benadryl Cream on it for her. I let her put it on where ever else she needed to because I'm sorry but I don't want to practically feel my best friend up.

Around 4:30 we went over to her house for about 30 minutes before she had to go bowling. Her parents dropped me off. When I got inside of my house, I made myself a Bocca burger and listened to MCR on Loveline. I was laughing to myself the whole time. The "Vicar of Christ" as Adam liked to call himself in this addition, was hilarious. After that I got on the computer and now I'm update. Fun stuff right?

7Bloom As The Poisoned Flower

I'm Not Okay [Sunday
[ mood | lazy ]

I had to go to church today...I was way to tired to be up that early. After service we went over to my grandma's house. Where I just hung out and messed around with my iPod. I thought we were going to be there longer, but we only stayed for like an hour. When we got home the first thing I did was download a bunch of old 80's band's songs. Those band's conceited of Posion, Scorpion, Pat Benatar, and Bon Jovi. Which reminds me.

What would all of you suggest I check out? Because I'm trying to find some good bands that I can hand bang to. Anyways, after I got all of those songs, I ended up reading a bunch of AFI fanfic's. Some were really weird, while other's were really good! Then I ended up reading some more of Velocity, that is turning out to be one of my favorite books. The I ended up watching Wild N' Out, and I actually find that show quite funny. Some of the jokes had me rolling on the floor literally. Summer came over for about 30 minutes, 20 of those minutes we skated while the other 10 we drank water like we hadn't had any for years.

Oh and I try this raspberry tea my mom bought....ewww it was disgusting! I seriously think it tastes like the chalk like vitamins that I have to take. I hate those things as it is, so why do we have to have tea that tastes like them? It's yuck, just yuck, with a side of yuck. Well now I've gotta' go eat dinner. As everyone can see...I once again had a lazy day.

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La La...Oh I Give Up! [Saturday
[ mood | annoyed ]

Today was awesome! Was out of the door by 9:30 today because I was going shopping with Karen and the kids. We went to the Sliversands outlet, which is huge! Well of course the first store we went into was the GAP because the kids needed school closes. Shane didn't get anything, but Summer got a pair of black pants. The funniest thing happened while I was waiting outside the changing rooms for Summer. This lady walks up to me and asks, "Do you know if you have a size 12 in these kaki skirts?" And here I am with a pair of gray jeans, Hurley shirt, AFI messenger bag, and a bunch of black eye liner on saying, "Ma'am I don't work here, sorry." She was really embarrassed. But I mean come on, would you really think that I worked at the GAP dressed like that? I don't think so.

After that we went into Tommy Hilfigure were Shane got 2 shirts and a belt. I was shocked at how much shirts cost there. One shirt that I kind of liked was 40 bucks! I was blown away...that is so over priced! When we were through there we headed over to the Vans store where I got a pair of black and pink Vans with black lace for shoe laces. There awesome! But my mom hates them, oh well! Summer and Shane got a new pair of Skating shoes while we were there too.

Then we headed over to Pac Sun were I got some earring to help gage my ears, which hurts like a bitch now, and a few other things. We were all starving once we were done there so we ate lunch at Pizza Hut, ewww...all I got to eat was Salad.... After that there were a bunch of hot emo guys at the record store we went to. Shane got really defensive when they started talking to me. It was funny. After that we head back home. It took us 45 minutes to get over the Mid Bay Bridge, which we later found out was caused by some guy streaking which then caused an accident. I thought that was pretty funny.

When I got home I found out we were going out to dinner. While at the restaurant somehow a story was brought up about me from when I was 8 years old...As the legend go we were headed to CA on vacation and I felt car sick, so I told my grandpa (who happened to be driving) to stop. My mom said, "Dad! You had better stop or she'll throw up in the car!" I guess I had a reputation for that. Well he stopped and when I put my head out the window to throw up I saw a coyote, which I had to then say, "Hey. Look! A coyote!" Then right after those few words came out of my mouth I puked all over the side of the car.....This story had my brother's cracking up for like 10 minutes. Which afterwords they making impressions of it.

After dinner we headed over to Lowes and got crap for my mom. My brothers were being annoying the whole time with the coyote thing. Which then lead to them telling me that that is going into the record book with "sowoda" and "boofa". Oh joy! After we got home I downloaded a bunch of Circle Takes The Square songs. God I love those guys! And now I'm here updating, yay!

11Bloom As The Poisoned Flower

YAY! [Friday
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today was awesome! Me, Becca', and my family were out the door by 9. The first thing we did was cash my checks and get my money. Then we headed over to Sam's Club. Were I got my brand new 40GB....iPod!!! I am so fucking happy right now! I've been working forever to get it and now I've finally got it! See? Hard work pays off.

Well after that we headed over to the mall and met up with my grandma. Right away I was given my mom's cell phone and Becca' an I took off. We went to Hot Topic first because I wanted to get an iPod case there. I really am not found of Hot Topic, but I like the cases they have there. It was funny though because when we went in everyone looked at Becca' because she decided to wear pink and white today. It was funny as hell.

After that I paid we went to Sears were I got a new pair of jeans. Woohoo... Me being the dorks that we are Becca' and I pointed out all the ugliest/sluttiest things we could find. It was fun. After that we went to Pac Sun and I got 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt. I don't care if that is considered a "prep" store, I like the skater stuff they sell there. Especially the pants. Once we were done there all of us (we meet back up with my family) were hungry, so we headed over to the food court and got something to eat.

After Becca' and I wondered the mall aimlessly for 30 more minutes we finally headed into one of the book stores where I found a book called Pagan Fleshwork, the pictures in there were amazing! When we were done there we met up with my family at the coffee shop, got a coffee, and headed out. We ended up going to my grandma's house were Becca' and I took some more pics. (I'll post them soon!) Then we watched the Andy Milanknockus (however you spell it) show. I think that is the stupidest show I have ever seen. I hated it! Around 6 we went to Old Mexico and eat dinner, then had birthday cake for my mom. It was nice. When we dropped Becca' off at her house, it was pouring down rain. It was cool though because you could literally see steam coming off the ground, it was that hot outside.

Now I'm home updating, cleaning my room, and listening to my iPod....

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Happy Happy Joy Joy! [Thursday
[ mood | anxious ]

Today was the last day I worked for the summer. Yay and boo at the same time. Because I have interesting stories to tell after I spend the day with Summer and Shane, but at the same time they both can get kind of annoying. Anyways, when I went over the their house Karen told me that she rented Man of the House and Million Dollar Baby and that I was welcome to watch them. I had already seen MDB so my choice was to watch MOTH. Which I did and I got a few good laughs out of it.

After that Summer and I did the Cha Cha Slide again and she stated that, "I can pop it really good." I had to laugh at that. After that for some reason we decided to listen to the Bring It On soundtrack. It was funny because I knew half the songs on there. Around 11 Shane and I play the Sims again. I did better today because I made a new person. It was funny as hell at one point because Shane adopted a baby an within 1 day social services took it away. You would think that he wouldn't do that again, but low and behold he did it again. This time we kept the baby for 3 days and he got fired. He claimed he was going to be a stay at home dad. But as we can see that didn't work out.

Later on we went down to my house because the maids came to clean the kids house and my mom was going out to lunch for her birthday. So I was watch all the kids for about 3 hours. When she got back I called Becca' and asked er if you wanted to come over, spend the night, and go to the mall tomorrow. Of course she said yes, I mean who could turn down watching me look like an idiot at the mall? I told her to bring her brother's skateboard so I could teach her something while she was over. When the kids and I met up with her half way to my house, I made her ride the skateboard the rest of the way. It took us way longer but it was fun to watch Becca' fall a ton of times.

Once we got home I dropped Shane and Summer off at their house because their mom was home. Then we went into my place and eat dinner. And I learned that Becca' is the slowest eater I've every met. I literally sat an extra 15 minutes waiting for her to finish. But the best part about dinner was when Sethin burped. Because I wasn't ready for that to happen and I had an apple slice in my mouth, I choked and covered my mouth. Causing spit and apple pieces to get all over my hands. Everyone was laughing for like 8 minutes. Then Becca tried to tell my mom that our friend Megan was really weird. And my mom says to her, "Weirder than Fallon?" Becca' goes, "No one can be weirder or more unique than Fallon."

We took a bunch of picture, which I'll upload tomorrow! And now we're watching Pirates of the Caribbean because Becca' has never seen it. Which I was just flabbergasted at. Well gotta' go!

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Pictures!!! [Thursday
[ mood | blank ]

Here Are the Lovely PicsCollapse )

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New Hair! [Wednesday
[ mood | In Pain ]

Today was very eventful. As usually Shane, Summer, and I went through our normal morning routine. I was very happy that I got some coffee into my system by 7:30 because right now that is my best friend until I am fully awake. Well until around 9:20 something I read while the kids watched TV. Then Shane wanted to play a few rounds of pool with me. And I once again kicked his ass. He blames his losses on the fact that he never got to be solids. Ha ha! Bull crap! He just wasn't having a good pool day.

At about 11 Shane and I play The Sims, and I suck at that game because I have no social skills in it, causing me to cry and stuff all the time. It's pathetic... When I was fed up with that game we went outside for like 10 minutes and skated. Afterwords we came back in and did the Cha Cha Slide like 8 times. My feet and hips were killing me, but I think I burned a shit load of calories off because of it. After we ate and hung out for another 3 hours we finally decided to go outside.

By that time it was around 4:20. But the freakin scariest thing happened to me and Summer. We were skate down one of our small "hills" and all of the sudden I hear Tyler (our neighbor) scream across the pound, "CAR!!!" So I turn around and see a truck doing 50 mph coming right at us. They were still a ways down from us, but I tell Summer to go to the sidewalk cause they weren't going to slow down. So she dives off her skateboard and tumbles into the grass on the left side of the street. I jumped off my board once they were like 20 feet away. And me and my stupid self sees the skateboard going into the middle of the road, and I sure as hell didn't want the people to run it over, I've lost to many decks that way...Anyways, I ran after it and I had just jumped off the board so I was booking it. Well I grabbed it and then I.......lost my balance and fell! Lord! I rolled to the side as fast as I could and ended up of the left side of the street. The truck barley passes me without hurting me. They pull onto the brakes and roll down their window and yell out, "Y'all okay?" And I'm like stupid rednecks! But I tell them we're okay.

After that I went inside my house and looked at my right arm and see blood running down it. Yay! I washed it off and put rubbing alcohol on it, which burned like a bitch. But it's better to be safe than sorry. Then when I went to go put on a big band aid I notice that there were none left because I had used them all on a huge wound on my foot, that is now a nice scare. So I improvised and made a big band aid with smaller one! After I patched Summer up and Karen got home from work I went home.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and I got my pictures, which I'll put up tomorrow, big band aids and hair dye for me. But while I was waiting for my mom while she was getting somethings this little old lady comes by me. She looks at me and I smile, then she give me this awful look and shuffles off. And I was like, "What was that about?" Once we got home my mom dyed my hair and I'm very happy with the results. I'll take pictures soon and post them. It's cool. Will I'm tired, so I'm gonna' go.

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Movies [Tuesday
[ mood | hot ]

When I got to the kid's house this morning Summer was already up and fed (hehehe...that made her sound like a dog), so that was one less thing on my to do list. While she watched TV in her room, Shane and I sat on the couches and read our books. For me it was Velocity and for him it was Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I want to read that book too, but I'm sorry to say that I'm a bit behind in the Harry Potter series.

After we read for about an hour, I made coffee for myself. And like curious people, Shane and Summer wanted to try some. So I gave them both a little in their own cups, I'm weird like that, anyways they both said that they didn't like it. So they poured the rest of their drinks down the drain. Around 10 we went outside to skate before the sun got bad. Low and behold the temperature was already horrible when we got outside. Then after we were done skating the garage door opener decided to lock on us. Making me have to close it manually in the hot blistering sun. At noon we ate a big lunch because at 1:30 we were going to the movies.

I still spent $28 at the theater, we didn't even get anything to eat and we brought our own drinks. It's crazy! We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because Shane and Summer hadn't seen it yet and I wanted to see it again. I still love the "Mumbler!" quote. When the movie was over we went home and I cleaned up the kitchen and crap before Karen got home. Once she was home I got to go home and check my e-mail. Fun!!! And now I'm sitting here typing this and finishing my mom's research paper. Yay!

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[ mood | Clean ]

Paranoid:Very High
Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

Wow, I've got a lot of things "wrong" with me...And I kindda' disagree with some of the results.
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So Hot! [Monday
[ mood | Smelly ]

It was 103 degrees today! I was dying! Alright anyways, when I got to the kid's house today, Karen gave me $100 and said that was the first half of my payment and I would get the rest at the end of the week. That mean I'm getting 100 more dollars than she was going to give me originally! Woohoo, that means more money towards my iPod fund. Are Karen left I read some more of Velocity, which is an awesome book, and Shane played video games. I had to wake Summer up at 7 today because school starts next Thursday, urgh I don't want to start school that early in August.

We went outside three times today once around 10:30, then around 12:58, and finally around 4:20. Each time we skateboarded, of course. Summer has gotten really good, at first she could barley stand on the board, but now she can go down the small hills in our neighborhood. I'm very prod of her! Now I have to teach Becca' how it skateboard because she's been asking me to show her forever. After the second time of doing outside, we went over to the hose and turned on the mister, so we could cool off before going inside to eating ice-cream. Oh when Karen got home, I got to barrow A Knights Tale! I love that movie. "It's called a Lance, hello!" Hehehe...I love that line.

Well we had pizza for dinner tonight, my mom has been a lazy cook lately. And at the moment I'm thinking about taking a shower, because I smell gross from our events outside today. I think I'll feel better if I do. So I'm going to leave you guys now and go do that.

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Alrighty Then... [Sunday
[ mood | lazy ]

Today was very lazy for me. We went to K-Mart, god small towns have really crappy stores. Well anyways I got a pair of black jeans and a new hoodie and my brother's got new jeans too. My mom and I were laughing really hard when Sethin was in the toy isle and looking at Star Wars stuff, because out of nowhere he says, "I can't tell Tyler about this place because there are so many cool toys here! Trentin don't you dare tell him about the Star Wars heaven here!!" It was funny as hell.

When we got home I looked through our mail and was once again disappointed because my AP subscription still hasn't gotten here. After a while I downloaded a bunch of Fall Out Boy and Amber Pacific songs. It was fun, in a weird way. Then my mom asked me to type up her research paper for one of her classes. Which I am still typing, but I decided to give it a break and get the cramps out of my hands. It probably isn't helping that I'm typing this all up right noe, but of well.

Well that's all that has really happened today. Oh and I'm going to get my hair dyed some time this week. Yay!

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Bite To Brake Skin [Saturday
[ mood | exanimate ]

I didn't have to babysit today, woohoo! I love the kids and all, but I was just so happy to be able to sleep in and do whatever I wanted. It was cool. Like I said yesterday, I ran on my mom's treadmill today. I ran 5 miles, after which I was really tired. My legs felt like jello. I took a shower once I was finished, I mean who really wants to walk around all hot and sweaty? That's gross, especially in Florida. After I was clean and refreshed I got online and Becca' practically hunted me down on all the sites I go on, to tell me to get on AIM. So I did and then after our very short conversation, I ended up going over to her house.

Now by the time I got there I had ran/biked 6 miles all together today. Once I was there she an I just talked and got caught up with what has been going on all week. Which was fun because we had some really funny stories to tell. When we were done talking and being the crazy people we are, the both of us headed over to my house. Where we ended up going on my iMac and posted a bunch of stuff all over. After I lost interest, Becca' took over the computer. Which then ended up we the both of us fighting over who got the key board. Becca' roared at me, and I had to stop and say, "Where the hell did that come from?" She just laughed then I hit my wrist on my wall really hard causing me to fall backwards in pain. Which then lead to me hitting my head on the ground really hard. Becca' laughed even harder than she had been. And I just lied on the floor and laughed at myself.

Around 4 Becca' went home and I finished making dinner. Then once it was done, I eat it like a normal person who is starving. Now I'm on the computer again. Isn't that wonderful?

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Get To Sleep In! [Friday
[ mood | enthralled ]

Okay today started off the way it always does. By 9 Shane, Summer, and I were going through all of their DVD's . Which end up with us re-alphabetizing all of them and watching Troy. That was an okay movie. My favorite part was seeing Orlando Bloom close to tears when he got the crap beaten out of him. It was great!

After the movie we ended up throwing M&M's around, trying to get them into eachother's mouths at far distances. That was very entertaining.While we were doing that we were also playing pool, so that added to the entertainment. When we were done with that, we found some Axe while we were looking for an icy-hot patch for Summer. So we all sprayed some on us.(I still smell like it right now) After we gave up looking for an icy-hot, we headbanged again and I color the kids hair with washable maker. Summer had green streaks and Shane had red streaks. It was awesome.

Around 12 we ate lunch then headed over to my place. Summer and Shane hung out with my brother's while I quickly checked my e-mail. Around 3:58 Karen came and got the kids. She invited us over for pizza and to watch Constatine, or however it is spelt. My mom ended up staying home, so she could finish her research paper, so my and the boys head over there. Karen lent me a book called "Velocity" by Dean Koontz. Her and I talked for about an hour and then at 7 we started watching the movie. And all I have to say about it is "Wow...Just wow!"

The boys are spending the night over there now and I'm hanging out here. I think I'm going to run on the treadmill tomorrow, I could afford to lose a few pounds. That's all for now, I'm going to go read that book I was talking about now.

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