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I'm a freak get over it

10 May
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I am Fallon

I'm 15

I write fanfics

I draw a lot

I'm a camera whore

I don't trust people easly, but when you get my trust that means your awesome

I go to local shows

I was born in California

I lived in Colorado for 11 years

I now live in Florida

I'm strigh edge

I listen to almost anything related to rock

I got pushed down a flight of stairs by a cat

I have more CD's than you'll ever have

When I moved to Florida I noticed a lot of fat people lived here. Then I figured out why, it on the top 10 for the fattest states in the US. Haha culture stock for a girl moving from the skinniest state in the US

I watch way to much CSI

I love my iPod

I have an iMac

I basically have/love anything made by the Apple company

Davey Havok is my idol

I've met Jade Puget

I tend to yell weird things in large crowded hallways

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I dislike people who are fake

I dislike people who label others

I dislike it when people look at you weird when you just lounging at the pool

I dislike it when people lie to me

I dislike it when I get beaten up with shoes *coughBecca'cough*

I dislike not being able to do HMLT well

I dislike not being able to get on the computer

I dislike being claustrophobic

I dilike Going to a store with money and the store doesn't have what you want/need. Then going back to that store without money, and finding exactly what you want/need

I dislike Napolean Dynomite (it's the stupidest movie EVER!)

Yeah that's just some basic/fun stuff.

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If you do, I'll have to kill you.

Fallon is bandanna love♥

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By: sugary_smile

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